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"Train To Never Be The Same"

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Steven wesley


Head coach

Steven Wesley has been around fitness and athletics since his early childhood years. Starting organized sports at the age of 8, he became enamored with the fitness regimes and competition playing sports provided in which he knew would pay dividends. Through hard work Steven earned a full football scholarship to the University of Miami Hurricanes and afterwards even had a chance of playing professionally. 


After a pro career cut short due to knee injuries, Steven found his passion for fitness never went away so he decided to take the same passion he developed as a football athlete and direct it towards his new dream as being a personal trainer.  Over the journey, Steven has helped a plethora of people lose weight, correct imbalances of the body, and develop better athletic mechanics. Through research Steven challenges his clients with the latest training methods that he believes goes well with one of his favorite quotes “Without struggle, there is no progress” . 




Fitness Personal Training
Personal training is best for individuals that are looking for customized programs for their specific fitness needs and goals. Whether it’s a customized nutrition plan, workout program or any other fitness and nutritional support, this service allows you to have a dedicated fitness professional to guide you through your journey of reaching your goals. I provide more than just “workouts”, but a program that will educate you along the way to give you the ultimate confidence of being nutritionally and physically conscious.


Fitness Consulting
New Level Sports Performance believes in taking care of the entire body through proper treatment and recovery, which may lead to not being able to assist everyone with what they are looking for. But don’t you worry, New Level Sports Perfomance has a network of certified health and wellness providers that can assist you with everything you need. Whether it’s a chiropractor or yoga instructor, we have the proper network to lead you in the direction of success. If you have any questions on our services and you are interested in signing up for a consultation, please send us an email at and we will respond diligently.





Sports Performance Training
Athletes of all ages vary mentally and physically, thus their training must be different than the rest of the general population. I not only focus on building athletes to become physically confident but also, and more importantly, I focus on their mental capacity. I train athletes of all ages with proper progressions applied to ensure they are trained with a solid foundation to improve their athleticism but most importantly decrease their chances of injuries.


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Steven wesley


16700 Sheridan Street

Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Tel: 786-537-1151

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